Facebook & Child Sexual Abuse Online

September 30 2021

National Blueprint to End Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents


August 13 2021

Should we Celebrate or Condemn Apple's New Child Protection Measure?

August 5 2021

Apple Announces New Protections for Child Safety


May 28 2021

Facebook hit by shareholders revolt over 'dangerous playground' encryption plan


May 26 2021




May 2021

Facebook Shareholders Resolution presented at Annual Meeting


May 4 2021

Facebook: Don't Expect full end-to-end encryption on Messenger until 2022 'at the earliest'


April 30 2021

European Commission (European Parliament) proposed interim legislation regarding technologies by number-independent interpersonal service communication service providers for the processing of personal and other data for the purpose of combating child sexual abuse online.


March 17 2021

Yahoo News, Online Child Predator Numbers Skyrocket During Pandemic


February 3 2021

CNN,   What We Know About The Florida Raid That Led to 2 Agents' Deaths


January 21 2021

Facebook Admits Encryption Will Harm Efforts To Prevent Child Exploitation


January 20 2021

France Arrests 14 Suspects in Sweep Against Child Sexual Abuse Online


December 4 2020

Barron's: Investors Are Pushing Facebook to Do More to Curb Child Exploitation on Its Platform 


October 11 2020

DOJ—International Statement: End-to-End Encryption and Public Safety


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ACTION ALERT– October 13, 2021 


Global Movement Calls for Establishing November 18, 2021 as the First Annual “World Day of Action in Recognition of Prevention, Healing and Justice to End Sexual Violence Against Children & Adolescents.” Survivors and aspiring allies around the world are building a global movement and mobilizing on November 18, 2021 to launch the First Annual “World Day of Action in Recognition of Prevention, Healing and Justice to End Sexual Violence Against Children & Adolescents.

So far, stakeholders in over 50 countries, including the 47 countries of the European Council, Bolivia, Canada, India, Kenya, Nepal, USA, and many other countries, cities, and communities are joining forces to kickoff a global mobilization in support of the #Nov18WorldDay. #Nov18WorldDay Update of Actions Planned for November 18, 2021.

For other Global Movement Inquiries: GlobalMovementInquiries@gmail.com


For more information about: Global Movement to End Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents


Help Sarah Cooper

Keep Kids Safe Online!



Over the past few years, a coalition of women from the Women's Inclusion Project has been working with other women investors and with a coalition of other investment firms, as well as ICCR and with Christian Brothers Investment Services, on a number of shareholder engagements. Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) online has been growing at an explosive rate. This is an important issue, and we want to raise investor awareness.  As shareholders in Facebook, we are concerned about regulatory risk, in particular. This is how #KeepKidsSafeOnline was born.


The key ask in our resolution is for a board-level report assessing the risk of increased sexual exploitation of children as the Company develops and offers additional privacy tools, such as end-to-end encryption. Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged that end-to-end encryption will make it harder for Facebook to identify child abuse on the platform. It turns out we were prescient on filing our resolution, as there has been a recent related bipartisan bill in the Senate, the Earn-It Act, which puts pressure on tech companies relative to their exemption from liability for third-party content on their sites related to child abuse. There is likely to be further pressure on revenue and government regulation associated with this issue area.

Reports of child sexual exploitation in 2020 rose 28% from 2019 levels. Last year, there were a total of 21.7 million reports, involving more than 65.4 million images, videos and other files containing suspected child sexual abuse material...

Michael Passoff of Proxy Impact (2021)

on the problem of child abuse and exploitation problem at Facebook

We are proud of our friend and ally Cathy Rowan, who was a panelist on the UN High Level Political Forum 2020 Virtual Event: Stop Child Abuse in Social Media!

"The yearly event, known as the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, held this year from July 7 to July 16, provides a venue for U.N. member countries to highlight local progress as well as an opportunity for advocates to address concerns".

Global Sisters Report


#KeepKidsSafeOnline is a project of the Women’s Inclusion Project (WIP). WIP utilizes gender lens investment strategies to support women and girls. Our partner Proxy Impact provides shareholder advocacy and proxy voting services for impact investors. Together we engage companies to increase board gender diversity, expand the number of women in senior management, eliminate gender pay disparities, and stop online child sexual exploitation.

If you would like to be an ally, please see the contact information below.

 One Third   of Internet users are children and  800 million   kids now are on social media.

Help Us Protect

Our Children

Facebook's planned encryption, warning that it will cloak the actions of child predators and make children more vulnerable to sexual abuse. By moving to end-to-end encryption without first taking steps to stop child sexual abuse on its platforms, Facebook will effectively make invisible 70 percent of CSAM cases – an estimated 12 million instances – that are currently being detected and reported.

The Pope Urges Investors

to Join Fight Against Child Exploitation Online



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